Preparing for these tests will increase scores. Here's how I help students prepare:

Fact-based Knowledge – For example, once you learn the rules of using a semicolon, you will know how to apply it on the grammar sections of the tests. 

Test-taking Tips – It's a sad fact that the SAT and ACT test how well students take tests nearly as much as they test knowledge and aptitude. I cover hints from the technical, such as whether to guess on the SAT or leave it blank, to the specific, such as how to spot when the tests have tricky subject/verb agreement questions.

Timing – One of the hardest aspects of the tests for some students is timing. Spending too much time on three or four questions early in the reading section will mean that there will be random guessing at the end. Knowing when to walk away from a question is key to mastering these tests. Here’s a tip to help with timing durning the test: Bring a watch and set it for 12:00 (noon) before each section; this makes it easier to keep track of the end time. For the English section of the ACT, your time will be up at 12:45 on your watch. If you rely on the clock in the room, the section might start at an odd time like 9:52, making it harder to know at what time you should be finished with each individual passage of the section.

College Applications

and Essays

College application time can be overwhelming. Parents know the importance of getting the applications done on time, done right, and done well. Students are juggling work, extra-curriculars, and a rigorous course load and are now adding the Common Application, individual applications, and what feels like a hundred essays. Putting me in the process will reduce the student’s stress and maintain harmony in the household. Some students come to me with written essays that are ready for editing and others come with a blank page, not sure where to begin. The goal of college essays is to allow the applicant's individuality to shine through. My strength is in keeping the voice of the student while eliminating the disorganization and grammar mistakes. A comment I have heard from many students is that the finished product is their own words rearranged in a more cohesive, logical manner, and that’s exactly my goal.


Susan  Abrahams  Tutoring

ACT/SAT, College Applications and Essays, Homework Help and Organization, Writing Skills


​​Many students struggle to create clear and organized writing. Whether it’s a creative piece or an academic research paper, we work on organization, voice, grammar, and structure. Learning to clearly express thoughts in writing is a skill that will be useful not only throughout the academic years, but throughout life.

Homework Help/Organization

 Whether in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college, students often struggle with homework or study habits. Having a system to organize and complete homework assignments is a key factor in a successful education. I work with students to create a system that is right for their own learning style. We also work on using organization systems for a variety of other learning goals including pulling information out of lengthy reading passages, writing well-crafted essays, improving note-taking skills, preping for tests, doing research, etc.